We are an Orthopedic/Medical Massage Center in downtown Washington, D.C. and Falls Church, VA providing outcome-based therapy to help you Get Out And Live!

We also teach massage therapy continuing education across the country to help you Get Out And Learn! Currently, we offer 40 hours of instruction spread across 6 courses including:

Insurance Billing and Documentation (4 hours)
Day of the Neck (8 hours)
Day of the Back (8 hours)
Posture and Pain (4 hours)
Upper Extremity (8 hours)
Lower Extremity (8 hours)

What People Say

I had an injury and was recommended to Thomas for medical massage. Now I’m addicted.  He is absolutely amazing. I have no need to go to anyone else because Thomas is truly incredible.  He has not only fixed my body but he is also very knowledgeable and explains everything.  I would highly recommend him.


Thomas’ eagerness to help others is bridged by passion and enthusiasm to his extensive knowledge and understanding of the body. He seeks to elevate his students interest of the body. By creating a welcoming space, Thomas continuously engages with all his students so that each one has confidently and safely learned an array of new techniques and assessments. So much of what I learned from Thomas has allowed me to exponentially excel in my practice. The information and techniques are truly what my clients have been in search of.

Nicole J., Student

I came to Thomas because I was unable to run due to sciatica pain. I tried physical therapy and the pain didn’t go away. I first went to Thomas Yates a few months ago for a thirty minute massage.  He asked me where my painful spots were and I asked him to focus solely on the one side with the sciatica. He did as I asked and focused on the one side and after 30 minutes I couldn’t believe how loose I was on that side. My muscles haven’t felt like that in years! It was truly incredible. I continued to see Thomas every week or two for several months. After two or three sessions, I was able to start running again! I’ve continued to see Thomas and now I’m up to 10 miles! Thank you so much Thomas!!!


Let’s build something together.

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